Children's Community Code


We are all the same, but we are different. We do not judge others by beliefs or appearance.

We help everyone to achieve.


We are polite and always have good manners.

We look after each other, ourselves and everyone's property, including nature.


We always tell the truth straight away, no matter what the consequences are.

We are brave, open and do not hide anything.

We speak up and ask for help when we are not sure about something.


We make others happy by helping them, including everyone, sharing and being kind to ourselves.


We never give up and always try our best and aim high.

We believe in ourselves.

Good Health

We eat the right amount of healthy food, drink lots of water and get enough sleep.

We wash and brush our teeth every day.                                                                                   

We exercise every day and try to walk to school as often as possible, keeping our minds healthy.