Birchfields Primary School

Aiming High Together

Parents Community Code


We treat everyone equally and how we would like to be treated ourselves.

We acknowledge and respect different points of views and parents feelings.


We respect other opinions, religions and beliefs. (parents, children, staff)

In assemblies and performances:

· We keep our phones on silent.

· We remain seated, we take photos from our seats and we do not put them on social media (Facebook, twitter etc.)

· We try to keep our younger children quiet and on our knees and leave the hall with them if necessary.

· We praise all children's achievements.


We tell the truth to everyone and support everyone to be honest.

We always return school and other children’s property.                                                                                            

We are prepared to say when we need help and are honest about our children's abilities.


We are always willing to help others, including other parents.


We demonstrate a ‘can do’ attitude and do not give up trying to achieve something.

Good Health

We actively promote healthy food choices and active lifestyles.

We exercise by walking to school on a regular basis if possible.