Maths: Key Stage Two

  • All children have a daily Maths lesson of approximately 1 hour.

  • Our teaching is focused on the three aims of the national curriculum: fluency; reasoning: problem solving.

  • In the autumn term of each year, we focus teaching and learning in maths lessons on number (place value, calculating and fractions, decimals and percentages). In the  Spring and Summer terms we cover other mathematical areas such as geometry, statistics and measurement. We also revisit the number work from the autumn term in order to develop the children’s mastery of the concepts they have learned. Maths lessons are linked to the wider curriculum where appropriate.

  • We develop fluency with mental and oral starters to each lesson and through fast maths. In key stage two, children also have regular arithmetic lessons (at least once every two weeks).

  • Using our calculation policy we ensure continuity and progression in our mathematical written methods.

  • We use manipulatives (resources) to enable the children to develop a deeper understanding of abstract concepts and we follow the concrete, visual, abstract approach to developing children’s mathematical understanding.

  • We place great emphasis on all children understanding and using the correct mathematical vocabulary. 

  • Times table practice takes place each week and children are expected to practice these as part of their homework. Written maths homework is also sent home each week in order to reinforce what the children have learned in class.

Calculations Policy