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Listen to stories and songs whilst you're not in school!


Nursery Rainbows

 Click on one of the songs about bubbles to listen to it.  Try each song a few times and see if you can start to sing along!

There are lots more songs about bubbles on this link https://thebubblebox.com.au/blog/bubble-songs-babies/

Watch our story, Bubbles

Watch I Had A Little Turtle. Can you sing along?

Inspired by Bubbles?  Click below to watch author Isabel Otter read her story The Magic Bubbles.

Want to learn more about Bubbles?  Click below to watch a story with lots of information and some activities to try at home!



Here is a selection of some of our other favourite nursery rhymes we have been learning at school recently.  Have a go at singing along and doing some actions!

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