Mr Bradley

Music co-ordinator

The music curriculum at Birchfields is designed to be a practical-based course. As they progress through school, pupils learn basic technique and skills on a variety of instruments.

Alongside this, the children gain an understanding of theory and the rudiments of music.

We also explore different historical periods and musical styles.

The main aim is for the children to have a wide range of musical experiences, enjoy themselves while they do so and develop a love of music.

Mrs Wall

The PE Teacher at Birchfields

The PE curriculum at Birchfields is tailor made for the children. The main aim is to be active for over 80% of each lesson  using physical skills. We also learn how our bodies feel during exercise, how to become good leaders and team mates  and understand how to lead healthy lifestyles. Most of all we have FUN!

Each lesson has:


Success criteria 

Subject vocabulary 

Fundamental movement skills


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An Online After School Sports Club.

Please click this link to access some Youth Sports Trust ideas on keeping active at home. 


Mrs Kemp