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It's very important to stay mentally and physically healthy while at home.

Keep an eye on this page for updates from Mrs Wall and other staff! 

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29/6/20- Good morning everyone, welcome to another week of home learning. 

I am excited to share with you our BIRCHFIELDS VIRTUAL SPORTS DAY . 

CLICK on the video. Have a go at as many activities as you can and send in your score with your name and class to your teacher.

I am going to stop doing my daily videos now, but you are welcome to click on some older ones and try the challenges.

The ALPHABET BINGO words for this week are OUR CORE VALUES:







26/6/20- Good morning everyone, its Friday of another week of home learning. The word for today is SEAT POST another vital part of a bike. I have really enjoyed cycling to school this week, I hope you have got out on your bike as well. 

The challenge today is TREE POSE. CLICK on the video and document below to find out how to do the challenge.

Have a great weekend x

25/6/20- Good morning everyone . It's going to be hot today. A great day for going out on your bike. I will be riding my bike to school again. 

The challenge for today is 60 seconds of SPOTTY DOGS CLICK on the video below to see what to do. 

Have a good day x

24/6/20- Good morning Everyone, its lovely today, try and get out to the park on your bike. 

The ALPHABET BINGO word is BRAKES- very important on your bike.

The challenge is SIT UPS 

I hope you have a good day x

23/6/20- Good morning everyone . Have you tried the new Alphabet Bingo exercises? 

The document is just below, along with a bike worksheet. Today's word is HELMET . It's very important to wear your helmet when riding your bike to help keep your head safe. 

The active challenge is STAR JUMPS  til you drop. How many can you do with out stopping?

have a good day 

22/6/20- I hope you have had a good weekend. Here is the start of another week of home learning. If you keep active it will help you with your work. This weeks theme for ALPHABET BINGO is cycling so today's word is FRAME.  BELOW is a picture of a bike, can your identify the parts?

Exciting news about alphabet bingo- it has changed, watch the video titled ALPHABET BINGO 2 and then do the exercises for each days word of the day. 

The challenge is run on the spot for as long as possible. Ask someone to time you. A super challenge is try and get your knees as high as possible. 

Try going for a bike ride in the park, if you have a bike. Its mean to be sunny all week!

I hope you have a good day. 

19/6/20- Hello, its Friday! Did you go out in the rain yesterday? Our last vegetable word of the week is POTATOES for ALPHABET BINGO. CLICK on the video below to hear some facts. 

Enjoy your Friday and have a good weekend x

18/6/20-  Good morning everyone, I hope it doesn't rain too much. This week for ALPHABET BINGO we are looking at vegetables the word for the day is CARROTS.  CLICK on the video below to hear some facts about carrots. The challenge is a 60 second squat jump  Try doing Joe Wicks and going for some fresh air

Have a good day 

17.6.20- Hello, it's Wednesday. I hope you managed to dodge the rain showers yesterday OK.  The ALPHABET BINGO word for today is TOMATOES .CLICK on the video below to learn some facts about them. Try today's challenge from the video. Don't forget to do Joe Wicks, it's the last week of daily sessions .

Have a good day x

16.6.20-  Good morning, I hope you didn't get caught in all the rain yesterday? 

Today's ALPHABET BINGO WORD is CELERY. CLICK on the video below to hear some facts about celery . The challenge for today is SPATULA BAT! 

Don't forget Joe Wicks, this is the last week of his PE sessions .

Have a good day x

15/6/20-  Spatula challenge! good morning everyone. I hope you had a nice weekend.

I went for a lovely ride on my bike.

Today's Alphabet Bingo word is Broccoli ( this weeks theme is vegetables) CLICK on the video below to find out some facts about BROCCOLI.  Watch the video to hear about today's challenge. Try and do Joe Wicks if you can

have a nice day x

12/6/20- Good morning everyone, phew we have got to the end of another week of home learning. It's been fun to be back at school but it has made the days feel longer.

Today's ALPHABET BINGO word is PINEAPPLE! ...lots of p's in that word. Today's challenge is 60 second speed bounce, how many times can you jump over an object like a cushion with two feet together in 1 minute. 

Fancy dress Friday with Joe Wicks and wake up shake up is always there.

have a nice weekend  x

11/6/20-Good morning everyone. I hope your home learning week is going well. Today' ALPHABET BINGO WORD is STRAWBERRY... yummy!

CLICK on the video below to find out some facts about strawberries. Today's challenge is OBSTACLE JUMP you can do it inside or outside. 

Try out the Joe Wicks work out and try and go out for some fresh air.


10/6/20- good morning everyone.  Today's fruit themed ALPHABET BINGO word is ORANGES. Take a look at the google doc below to see what exercises to do for the word. Plus CLICK on the VIDEO below to hear some facts about oranges. Today's challenge is 'catch-clap' watch the video to find out how to do it.

Try out today's Joe Wicks and there is always time for a wake up shake up dance.

Have a good day x

9/6/20- Good morning everyone.  This week the ALPHABET BINGO WORDS are fruits. Today's word is GRAPES. Watch the video below to find out some facts about grapes. 

The challenge today is a game called 'keep on the move'. Watch the video below.

Keep trying the wake up shake up dances and Joe Wicks is on at 9 am every morning.

Have a good day x

8/6/20- Good morning everyone . I hope you had a nice weekend. I went for a bike ride yesterday , which was lots of fun. 

I hope you are ready for another week of home learning. 

This weeks theme for ALPHABET BINGO is FRUIT. Today's word is MANGO. Watch the video below to hear some facts about mango's and for today's challenge.

Try and do Joe Wicks and remember the wake up shake up dances are fun and contribute towards your 60 minutes of exercise every day.

Have a good day x

5/6/20- Good Morning everyone. It's FANCY DRESS FRIDAY, make sure you tune into Joe Wicks and see what he is wearing today. 

Today's challenge is a skill for you to learn- tying shoe laces! CLICK on the video below. It is an important life skill. What a fantastic opportunity to practise during lockdown. 

Try the wake up shake up dances they are a great way to do exercise and contributes towards your 60 minutes a day.

I hope you manage to get out for some fresh air.

Have a nice weekend x

4/6/20- Good morning everyone- I am so EXCITED because today's challenge is to apply for your BLUE PETER BADGE for SPORT...YYYEEESSS! at last they have released one. You have to hurry as it's just for Summer 2020. CLICK on the video below to find out how.

Today's ALPHABET BINGO word is MUSCLES. Muscles are very important for us to function and keep healthy, so make sure you look after them by keeping them active. 60 minutes a day.

Joe Wicks is a great work out, good for the whole family. 

Have a good day home learning x

3/6/20-  Good morning Birchfields. I hope you are all well today. Its raining which is a shame, but I am happy for my garden and the grass outside. 

Today's Alphabet bingo word is FIBRE. It's important to eat foods containing fibre, as it's good for your digestive system. Many fruits and vegetables are rich in fibre. 

Try out today's challenge. Collecting objects from a swamp. Watch the video below to find out more!

Joe Wicks PE session today were exercises from around the world, it was energising. 

Try some wake up shake up dances.

Don't forget to get some fresh air.

Have a good day.

2/6/20- good morning everyone I hope you enjoy the weather today. 

Today's alphabet bingo word is VITAMINS. there are lots of vitamins in fruit and vegetables, they are important for our healthy.

Today's challenge is BOCCIA  a great paralympic sport, watch the video below to learn the game.

Try Joe Wicks and wake up shake up.

have a good day.

1/6/20- Welcome back everyone, I hope you have had a good week enjoying the sunshine.

Today's word of the day is FRUIT make sure you eat plenty everyday, they are full of vitamins and fiber, which help you feel energised and awake.

The challenge is 30 seconds exercise as many times as you can.

I hope you have a good day.

22/5/20- Good morning everyone, today is FANCY DRESS FRIDAY. I was really excited to see my friend Isaac and his family in the park. He really is the word of the day INSPIRATION. Watch the video below to find out why. Could you do something inspiring today? 


2) Joe Wicks

3) Go out and complete a 1km walk or run with your family

4) Do something INSPIRING! ( Please email me your stories) 

I hope you all have a good weekend and a a happy half term week. I will be back on June 1st.

21/5/20- Hide and seek. Play with your family either in the house or even better in the park. Maybe ask someone to hide some teddies for you to go and find.


Enjoy Joe Wicks. 

18/5/20- Good morning everyone. The start of another week of home learning. 

I know sometimes it is hard to remain positive, but if you keep active, eat plenty of fruit and vegetables, go to bed at a sensible time and try to keep to a routine you will feel much more up beat about your day.

Challenges are often a good motivator, so today's challenge is ALPHABET BINGO . CLICK on the google doc below the video and watch the attached videos. Can you do the exercises for your NAME? watch the video below for help.

Joe Wicks is tough today, but worth a try. 

Try a wake up shake up dance.

Keep positive and smile.

Mrs Wall


15/5/20-   -Good morning everyone! Its fancy dress FRIDAY. Lets go on a  Jungle Hunt! TRY some or all of the below:

1) CLICK on the jungle hunt video below to do today's active challenge! 

2) CLICK on the google doc below and try the ALPHABET BINGO, today's word is TOGETHER

3) Fancy dress FRIDAY Joe Wicks- what will Joe be dressed like today? CLICK on the video below

4) WAKE UP SHAKE UP, there are 4 dances CLICK on the videos further down below.

5) Get some fresh air!

14/5/20- Good morning everyone- Today's word is DEDICATION ( CLICK on the video below to hear ROY CASTLE sing in inspiring song about DEDICATION)

1) CLICK on today's FUN challenge ( video of me below) some ABC ( agility, balance and coordination) to do today in the sunshine.

2) CLICK on ALPHABET BINGO document below to find the exercises to  do for the word DEDICATION.

3) CLICK on the video below dated 17 April for WAKE UP SHAKE UP

4) Joe Wicks is going to make us work hard today, getting us fit ready for school starting again. Even there is a forwards roll involved!

SING DEDICATION and have a good day

FANCY DRESS FRIDAY tomorrow, what will Mrs Wall be dressed as?


13/5/20- Good Morning - Today's activity is CRICKET based again called HIT THE TARGET, good practise for when we get back to school. CLICK on my video below and CLICK on the chance to shine video. 

CLICK on the Joe Wicks workout and try a WAKE UP SHAKE UP DANCE 

Get out for some fresh air, go for a walk with your family.

Have a good day x

12/5/20- COOL CATCHER today's challenge is taken from chance to shine cricket skills. The alphabet bingo, word of the day is REPEAT. CLICK  on the doc below. Repeating a skill helps you improve.

CLICK on Joe Wicks below, its a great work out to set you up for the day.

Wake up shake up videos are below. CLICK on them.

Have a good day x

12/5/20- COOL CATCHER-  ALL YOU CRICKET FANS ! please click on the brilliant chance to shine video below. Some excellent skills and tips!

11.5.20- Good Morning Everyone-  Welcome to another week of home learning, I hope you managed to enjoy the great weather at the weekend? We are being encouraged to get out for fresh air daily with our families and be alert.

1)CLICK on the video below go go on a run with me. Please email me about your trips out in the fresh air. 

2)Today's ALPHABET BINGO WORD is CALORIE. Try and do the exercises, CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW.

3) CLICK on the Joe Wicks work out video below. 

4) Try a wake up shake up dance. CLICK on a video below.

Have a good day x

8/5/20- Good morning everyone. Its 75 Years since VE day, so to today's  fun challenge is to play hopscotch. The alphabet bingo word is VICTORY . Try and get out in your garden or the park for some fun, sun and maybe a picnic. I am going to have a BBQ later.  I hope you have a good day.

6/5/20-  Good morning , its a beautiful morning, its going to be a hot sunny day. Get out with your family for some fresh air, go down to the park or the river Mersey. 

1)Today's alphabet bingo word is VIGOROUS try and do some energetic exercise. 

2) Try doing Joe Wicks work out

3) Join in with a Mrs Wall wake up shake up dance

4) Hop scotch is today's family challenge ( watch the video below)

Have a great day, and get some fresh air.

1/5/20- Happy May Day everyone. Whats that you say? ...why am I dressed as a banana? because it's fancy dress Friday! Go on have some fun whilst joining in with Joe Wicks today.

Watch the video below to find out today's challenge!

The alphabet bingo word is RESILIENCE, one of our core values, open the google doc below to access the exercises. 

Wake-up-shake-up is fun, click on the video below.

Have a nice weekend, make sure you get out for some fresh air x

30/4/20 Good morning everyone . Its a special day today, Captain Tom Moore's 100 Birthday. He has raised 30 million pounds for the NHS by walking 100 times around his garden. What challenge can you do today? 100 skips, 100 hops, 100 star jumps? Put a video on twitter or email me. 

Also its NHS day, can you wear something blue? 

Today's Alphabet bingo word is CHALLENGE  try raising your heart rate by looking at the google doc below.

We also have the wake up shake up dance and Joe Wicks to do.

Please get out in the fresh air. Have a good day x

29/4/20- Good morning everyone, I hope you are feeling good? watch my video below to see what I'm doing to keep active today. If you raise your heart rate it makes you feel alert and energised ready for the day.

Today's alphabet bingo word is HYDRATE, it's important to keep hydrated.

Try the wake-up-shake-up-dance, there are some difficult moves but the more you practise the better you will get.

challenge 6x 60 seconds 

  • round the world
  • plank
  • bounce a ball
  • squat!
  • step ups
  • star jumps 

Please send me an email, telling me how you are doing.

Have a good day

28/4/20- Good morning everyone- I hope you are well this morning and ready for some home learning. Are you up for some fun active challenges? Why not scroll through my daily videos. 

Today's alphabet bingo word is EFFORT. We all need to put a lot of effort into being a good family member at the moment and effort into being motivated. 

Have a go at the wake-up-shake-up dance and Joe Wicks work out is always a good energiser. 

Have a good day.

27/4/20- Good morning everyone , welcome to another week of home learning. I have written a list of things I would like to achieve this week. They include, cooking, music, dancing, art work, jobs around the house and reading. 

This weeks Wake -up- shake-up video is below, I have chosen to share the Big night in dance. It raised lots of money for children in need and its a great song by Dua Lipa. Give it a go.

Today's challenge- head, shoulders, knees and toes with a ball- watch the video below.

Have a good day x

24/4/20- Hello everyone, its Fancy dress Friday! Today's alphabet bingo word is PRACTICE or PRACTISE , what can you practise and get better at? skipping, press ups, a plank, juggling, playing the ukulele? Please email me and let me know what you are going to practise. Practise makes perfect, especially dressed as a Pizza!

Try the wake-up-shake up dance and enjoy the lovely sunny weather with your family. A lovely day for a walk or run.

I hope you have a nice weekend x

23/4/20- Good morning everyone, Lulu my cat has joined me for my challenge video. How long can you hold a PLANK for? challenge your family, who can hold one for the longest? Today's word for alphabet bingo is HYGIENE, don't forget wake-up-shake-up. Joe Wicks at 9am. Tomorrow will be fancy dress, I love fancy dress! Have a good day x

21/4/20- Good morning everyone, I have been practicing juggling and I am improving. What have you been improving at? 

Today's challenge is a target throwing activity. Watch the video below, you need lots of pairs of socks!


ALPHABET BINGO - words of the day HEART RATE

Joe Wicks work out

have a good day, all of your work on twitter looks amazing so far


20/4/20 - Welcome back- I hope you are well and keeping safe. Click on the video below to hear my news and about today's challenge.

  1. check out the new WAKE UP SHAKE UP A DANCE-  can't stop the feeling.
  2. click on the link below ALPHABET BINGO and try the work out for each letter for the word EQUALITY
  3. try today's challenge washing line volleyball! take on a family member
  4. take part in the Joe Wicks work out
  5. email me your news

7/4/20- Good morning, I thought I would check in with you all. I hope you are doing OK and are enjoying this lovely spring weather. I have been for an energising run along the river Mersey and done the daily work out with Joe Wicks. I hope you are all being active to? I look forward to making some of Joe's healthy snack recipes this week.

3/4/20- Good morning! Its the last day for this half term, we can do this! I am looking forward to the Joe Wicks fancy dress work out today. Don't forget the last day of the Alphabet Bingo, today's word is INTEGRITY and do the wake up shake up for the last time this week. Your challenge today is races. Check out the video below. Have a good day.

2/4/20- Namaste- Good morning. Its fresh outside but lovely, today why not try some yoga, it helps you stretch and more importantly its great mindfulness. I will add a goggle docs with some images of yoga moves on as well.  Just click on it. Today's alphabet Bingo is WARM-UP and don't forget the wake up shake up dance.

Have a good day x 

1/4/20- APRIL FOOL, pinch,punch, first of the month . Good morning everyone , 3 more days of home learning for this half term. Todays challenge is wake-up-shake-up, Alphabet bingo the word of the day is BREATHE and then today have a go at playing musical statues with your family. Choose your favourrite songs and have some fun. Have a good day x

31/3/20- Week 2 Day 2- throwing and catching challenge. Good morning I hope you are feeling well. I have been for a run this morning I stopped to watch a woodpecker, pecking a tree. It was facinating, and made my day. Todays alphabet bingo word is MOTIVATE. Please try out the wake-up-shake-up dance again today. Todays challenge is the game 7s.

find a wall.

7- throw and catch

6- throw, bounce, catch

5- bounce on the floor

4- bounce, bat with your hand, catch

3- throw under your leg, catch

2- throw, spin your arms, catch

1- throw, turn around and catch!

good luck x

30/3/20- Week 2 Day 1- dribbling challenge

Good morning, I hope you had a good weekend. I went for a run on Saturday and went for a long cycle ( on a turbo in my house!) on Sunday. I also watched some films at the same time as some friends in another house and chatted about the films on the phone, which was fun. I cooked lasagna and baked a banana cake.

It would be lovely to hear your news too,  email me. 

Please watch today's challenge video, try the new wake-up-shake-up video and complete the word AGILITY from the alphabet bingo google docs challenge. 

Keep active and keep busy x

27/3/20- Day 5 juggling challenge! Good morning everyone, we have almost made it through a week of home learning. Well done. Remember to keep active, play games, help at home and respect each other.

Juggling is a really tricky challenge but it feels great when you can do it, it takes dedication and motivation to crack it, but as I always say 'Practise makes perfect' Good Luck. Please send in some videos or email me about your progress.

keep safe xx

26/3/20- Good morning , it is another beautiful day. I have been for a 40 minute run (my one journey from the house today) along the River Mersey, which was lovely. I am ready for the day. Join in with Joe at 9am, complete the word FITNESS on the alphabet bingo and don't forget wake-up-shake-up. I hope you have a good day, keep busy, keep calm and respectful and most of all keep active x

PLEASE EMAIL ME, I would love to hear from you x

 23/3/20-27/3/20 Keep Fit Alphabet bingo 

25/3/20- Good Morning everyone, try and enjoy the sunshine today as the weather is changing tomorrow. Tune into Joe Wicks at 9am the video is posted below it's only a 5 minute work out, a great brain break. Don't forget the daily Wake-up-shake-up, you should be able to remember the moves by now. Today's Alphabet Bingo word of the day is MUSCLE and finally try the ball bouncing challenge set in my daily video below. Please email me, let me know how you are doing. I am missing you all  x

23/3/20- I am thinking of you all, keep strong, keep in and keep each other safe.

Yesterday our Prime Minister has asked us all to stay indoors and only go out for a short walk or run once a day. Its really important for us all to do our little bit to keep each other safe and follow these new rules. Keep washing your hands and only be around family members who you live with.

Being active is very important. Brain breaks are the best. So every hour between 9am-3pm today do 10 step ups and try the alphabet bingo challenge, the word of the day is RESPECT. Also join in with the wake-up-shake-up video, dancing and music helps you to keep happy. Please keep in touch by emailing Mr Bradley and I would love to hear from you x

Phew - thanks Joe, that was great. I loved the bunny ears and bouncing, we often do that in Nursery. That was a brilliant  start to the day.

Keep In Touch 

Please email us at 

to let us know what you are up to and how you are getting on. You can even send us pictures of your work!

Calling all cricket is a cricket skills video from 'Chance to shine' you could try at home ready for the cricket season when it eventually comes!

Moovlee Yoga 

Count to 100 to get fit!

Try some of these gymnastics balances at home, it's good to stretch and keep flexible.

13/5/20- answers to the 'Name the plants' question on twitter. 

1) Rhododendron

2) Trees- Beech and Maple

3) Rapeseed

4) Common Bluebell

Were you right?

Go to Mondays video 11/5/20 - to find out about more plants near my house.

Why do we need to sleep well?