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Pupil Premium


Pupil Premium is government funding granted to schools in England to improve education outcomes for disadvantaged pupils. Evidence shows that disadvantaged children generally face additional challenges in reaching their potential at school and often do not perform as well as other pupils.

Birchfields receives pupil premium funding for:

  • Children who are currently entitled to Free School Meals in Reception to Year 6 based on income (or who have been eligible in the last 6 years)
  • Children who are LAC (Looked After Children) or who have previously been in care 
  • Children of parents who are serving in the Armed Forces

Schools can choose how to spend their Pupil Premium money, as they are best placed to identify what would be of most benefit to the children who are eligible.

The document below sets out how Birchfields uses the Pupil Premium funding allocated to it.


Pupil Premium Statement 2023/24

Pupil Premium Strategy 2022/23

Pupil Premium Statement 2021/22