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At Birchfields, we recognise the importance of Science in every aspect of life. We develop both a sound scientific knowledge, allowing our pupils to understand the world in which they live; and curiosity, awe and wonder through practical activities and scientific investigation. Scientific vocabulary is fundamental in our teaching, both when using it in the correct context as part of the pupils’ learning, and using consistent language during scientific investigations. Like with all areas of the curriculum, by using our core values and school TACTICS, our Science teaching provides our pupils with an appreciation and understanding of the world around them, curiosity and an ability to question and challenge ideas, both independently and as part of a team.



Science is taught weekly as a discrete lesson and follows the programmes of study outlined in The National Curriculum and the Understanding the World aspect of the EYFS Profile to provide a clear progression of knowledge and skills throughout the school. Within our long-term plans, links are made to the half-term’s project where possible, both for the learning of scientific knowledge and the basis for practical work. Scientific vocabulary is fundamental in all aspects of science teaching, with the relevant vocabulary introduced at the beginning of each project through our use of vocabulary mats. These mats are then referred back to in every Science lesson, with pupils adding their own definitions for new vocabulary to show understanding. This vocabulary is provided by the Science Curriculum Group, to ensure that there is a consistency within year-groups, and a clear progression through the school.

Skills within Working Scientifically are taught and developed each half term, with a clear progression in the language used throughout the school. The process of conducting a full investigation is completed three times a year in Years 1 - Year 6, providing pupils the opportunity to experience this process as teacher-led, class-led and pupil-led. In each of the other half terms, these skills are built into lessons where appropriate, with presenting and interpreting data closely linked to the statistics units taught within that year group in Maths.