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At Birchfields, we set our young artists high standards in the exploration, love, appreciation and creation of Art.

We aspire for Art to be a major part of the beating heart of Birchfields - the principles of the subject are thriving. Our Corridor Of Love, positioned in the centre of school next to the communal hall, celebrates the commonalities and heritage of the children, teaching staff and parents and is an interactive celebration and expression of personality. Our Art curriculum is a key opportunity in school for children to dive into their creativity, and teachers are encouraged to plan the use of sketchbooks across curriculum subjects to help channel this and encourage creative thinking skills on a wider plane.

We hope that this foundation in school will provide children with a strong set of knowledge and skills as they go through life, and embed a creative flair to whatever their future holds.



Each child in school carries their sketchbook with them for their whole time in school, meaning children in older year groups can look back and see their individual progression in Art. We celebrate modern diverse artists in the context of their heritage and backgrounds, as well as classic figures. We play an active part in uncovering hidden histories and exploring artists whose work may not have achieved wider recognition in traditional school settings. When appropriate, we seek out and make connections with local and international artists and organisations, sometimes resulting in Birchfields artists representing the school in the wider community.

Our projects change or are modified each year and Art is usually linked to the topic. Year groups cover Art every half term to make sure children have an opportunity to practise all skills each year. When appropriate we have Art days so that children can develop a piece of work over a longer period of time. Sketchbooks are encouraged to be used in other curriculum subjects where ongoing Art skills can be applied.

Sharing resources, celebrating each others’ work and believing in the development of their own skills provide platforms for children to be team players, develop their self-confidence and praise of each other. Children are encouraged to be risk-takers and show courage and individuality in their sketchbooks and Art pieces. We encourage them to be resilient and tenacious, to embrace mistakes and talk articulately about their process and creative decisions.