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 "Rainbows" children back on 15th March. 


Welcome to our Nursery Learning Platform!

Please visit us daily to receive new and exciting activities whilst school is closed.

Can you start your day in a

FIT-KID way??

Wake up Shake up with your teachers! (Click here)


We will be offering your child lots of home learning opportunities whilst the children are away from our Nursery.

Inside your NURSERY HOME LEARNING pack! 

There are lots and lots of amazing activities to keep your Nursery child busy whilst at home during this difficult time. The activities inside are examples of what your child would normally be doing in our Nursery through the day. Please keep up with this work whilst isolating.

Daily Activities

Complete these activities at least once a day!

A personalised Jigsaw- Help your child complete the puzzle, they will be happy to see themselves in the final picture! They should get better at it the more they practise. 

Name Practice card- By the end of this Nursery year we would like the children to be able to write their name. This name card supports them with this challenge!

Playdough gym!- The small pot of playdough is to help to build up the muscles in your child’s hands and fingers! Look on our school website for ‘Dough Disco’ activities!

Keep the playdough in your fridge, there is a recipe in the pack to make your own!

Daily Story- There is a daily story on the school website for your child to listen to. We advise that they listen to at least 3x stories a day (for our nursery children) follow the link on our website.

Bean Bag & Tap Sticks- The bean bag and tap sticks are to use during physical activities. Click here on  ‘Tumble tots action songs’ or on youtube or on our school website!

Activity book- There are 10x daily activities for your child to complete inside their activity book. Follow the page attached to the front cover to complete the task your teacher has set specifically for your child. 

Enjoy and keep the learning fun!!

Please email any work to your teacher. We would love to see some work from you every week!



Listen to Mrs Beaver reading the story of Old McDonald to help with your learning this week. 


1st - 5th March

This week's Home Learning is all about farm animals and the story Cock-a-Moo-Moo! Click here to see Mrs Shehzad explain your pack. 

Activities - Listen to your teachers explain your activities for this week. 


Monday 1st March  

Tuesday 2nd March 

Wednesday 3rd March 

Thursday 4th March 

Friday 5th March 

Click here to watch Mrs Beaver read this week's literacy story - Cock-a-Moo-Moo.


Watch the animal videos below to help with your learning this week! 

You can also listen to Mrs Beaver reading the story What the Ladybird Heard. 

Last week's lessons

Week 1 (Old McDonald) 

Monday 22nd February 

Tuesday 23rd February 

Wednesday 24th February 

Thursday 25th February 

Friday 26th February 


Click here to see the Sounds on the Farm quiz! 


Lesson Archive

Lessons for 8th February - 12th February (WEEK 6 CELEBRATING CHINESE NEW YEAR) 

Click here to see lessons for 8th - 12th February 


Click here to see lessons for 1st - 5th February 

Lessons for 25th - 29th January (WEEK 4 - Row Row Row Your Boat) 

Click here to see lessons for 25th - 29th January

Lessons for 18th - 22nd January (WEEK 3 - Hickory Dickory Dock) 

Click here to see lessons for 18th  - 22nd January 

Click here to watch Watch Hickory Dickory Dock to help with your learning. 


Lessons for 11th - 15th January (WEEK 2 - Wheels on the Bus).

Click here to see lessons for 11th - 15th January 

Click here to watch the Wheels on the Bus song to help with your learning. 

Lessons for 5th - 8th January (WEEK 1 - The Colour Monster). 

Click here to see lessons for 5th - 8th January.

Watch the Colour Monster and Dear Zoo videos below to help with these activities.

Listen to today's story to help you with your literacy activity!

Here is the story of The Colour Monster to help you with your literacy work!

Listen to the story of Dear Zoo here, to help with your activity!

Daily Stories read to you by your special teachers

Click on the book below!

512 School Girl Glasses Illustrations, Royalty-Free Vector Graphics & Clip  Art - iStock

Listen to the special message off your teachers! Can you complete the task that they have set you?


News update-



We hope you had a super half term. We enjoyed a fabulous and spooky time before we broke up and we hope you enjoyed some spooky fun over your week at home.

We're now ready for some sparkly and shiny fun as we head towards Bonfire Night and Diwali. Keep your eye on our Twitter feed to keep up to date with everything we've been getting up to!


This week we have started a new book. It's called the Colour Monster and he is teaching us all about our feelings.


Here are some of the stories we have been enjoying so far this year.

We love sharing stories together.

Do you share stories at home?



Children are invited to come to school dressed as their favourite book or film character. 


Friday story time with Miss Smith! - Not Now Bernard! 

Keep In Touch 

Please email us at 

to let us know what you are up to and how you are getting on. 

Here are your Nursery Teachers to show you around your child's learning environment and offer you information about the Nursery year.

This website is full of lovely home learning ideas to include in your everyday with your little ones. Click on the image below for some fantastic ideas to fill your home with fun family learning.

Tiny Happy People Digital Pack - BBC Tiny Happy People

Enjoy some nursery rhymes together!!

Literacy Challenge

Can you make up a new verse for the song Row Row Row Your Boat?

Click here to watch a video and then have a go yourself!


Science Challenge 

Can you help the little penguin find a

new boat?

Click here to watch a video and have a go yourself! 

We love our Friday Fit-kids session with our Class Teachers!

Click on the image below to join in at home.

Tumble Tots Action Songs Wiggle and Shake | Tumble Tots