Birchfields Primary School

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Our Staff

 “Teachers plan activities that capture the interests and imagination of children and provide them with fun and purposeful experiences.”    

- Ofsted, 2018          


At Birchfields, we are proud to belong to a team of passionate and hardworking individuals. Every member of staff is committed to aiming high together and delivering exciting opportunities for pupils, inspiring them to flourish and grow.


Our School Leadership Team

Miss Offord - Headteacher

Mrs Campbell - Deputy Head 

Miss Chick - Assistant Head, EYFS

Mr Matthews - Assistant Head, KS1

Mr Clifford - Assistant Head, LKS2

Mrs Bellis - Assistant Head, UKS2

Mrs Dobbins - SENDCO

Mrs Pease - School Business Manager



Class Teachers

Mrs Porteous - Teacher, Nursery 

Mrs Shahzad - Teacher, Nursery

Mrs Lee-Spencer - Teacher, Reception

Mrs Begum - Teacher, Reception

Mrs Crook - Teacher, Reception









Teaching Support Staff

Mrs Mahmood - Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Mrs Choudhury - Teaching Assistant, Nursery

Mrs Lawrence - Teaching Assistant, Nursery

Mrs Singh - Teaching Assistant, Nursery

Mrs Khan - Teaching Assistant, Nursery

Mrs Mued, Teaching Assistant, Nursery

Mrs Ahmed - Teaching Assistant, Reception

Miss Singleton - Teaching Assistant, Reception

Mrs Hussain - Teaching Assistant, Reception

Mrs Iqbal - Teaching Assistant, Reception

Mrs Mansfield - Teaching Assistant, Reception

Mrs Yaslam - Teaching Assistant, Reception



Class Teachers

Mr Lang - Teacher, Year 1

Miss Joseph - Teacher, Year 1

Mrs Szulek - Teacher, Year 1

Mrs Shaw-Morgan - Teacher, Year 2

Mrs Bell - Teacher, Year 2

Mrs Parkin - Teacher, Year 2




Teaching Support Staff

Mrs Edwards - Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Mrs Khalid - Teaching Assistant, Year 1

Miss Smith - Teaching Assistant, Year 1

Mrs Cocker - Teaching Assistant, Year 1

Mrs Walsh - Teaching Assistant, Year 1

Mrs Shareef - Teaching Assistant, Year 1

Mrs Elomari - Teaching Assistant, Year 2

Mrs Ali - Teaching Assistant, Year 2

Mrs Hassell - Teaching Assistant, Year 2


Lower KS2

Class Teachers

Mrs Beaver - Teacher, Year 3

Mrs Thorniley - Teacher, Year 3

Miss Ward - Teacher, Year 3

Mrs Glackin - Teacher, Year 3

Miss Haywood - Teacher, Year 3

Mrs Ahmed - Teacher, Year 4

Mrs Brady - Teacher, Year 4

Mr Hoile - Teacher, Year 4


Teaching Support Staff

Mrs Bradley - Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Mrs Makeen - Teaching Assistant, Year 3

Miss Glennon - Teaching Assistant, Year 3

Miss Sadiq - Teaching Assistant, Year 3

Mrs Butt - Teaching Assistant, Year 4

Mrs Khalique, Teaching Assistant, Year 4

Mrs Ahmed, Teaching Assistant, Year 4

Mrs Kaur - Teaching Assistant, Year 4

Mrs Jannat - Teaching Assistant, Year 4


Upper KS2

Class Teachers

Mr Pickering - Teacher, Year 5

Miss Foster - Teacher, Year 5

Miss Hamand - Teacher, Year 5

Mrs Delf - Teacher, Year 6

Miss Coleman - Teacher, Year 6

Mrs Stewart - Teacher, Year 6


Teaching Support Staff

Mrs Khan - Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Mrs Williams  - Teaching Assistant, Year 5

Miss Akhtar - Teaching Assistant, Year 5

Miss Chappell - Teaching Assistant, Year 6

Mrs Cutac - Teaching Assistant, Year 6

Miss Hayes - Teaching Assistant, Year 6

Mrs Ahmed - Teaching Assistant, Year 6


PPA Teachers

Mr Bradley - Teacher, Music

Mr Rogers - Teacher, Computing

Mrs Wall - Teacher, PE


Other Support Staff

Miss Dalton - Higher Level Teaching Assistant, Pupil Support

Mrs Rashid - Higher Level Teaching Assistant, Parent Support

Mr Elswood - Office Manager

Mrs Hussain - Attendance Officer

Miss Passman - Administrator

Mrs Choudhury - Administrator

Mr Clifford - Site Manager

Mrs Bibi - Assistant Caretaker

Mrs Martin - Cookery Club


Our Lunchtime Staff

Mrs Begum

Mrs Omar

Mrs Quddus

Mrs Shuaib

Mrs Vasi 

Mrs Ashraf

Mrs Ashraf

Mrs Gondal

Mrs Kahloon