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SEND Information


Find out how we can support your child if they need additional support or alternative arrangements.

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At Birchfields we have experience of supporting children with a variety of Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) including learning difficulties, communication difficulties, emotional difficulties and sensory difficulties. We liaise with parents, families and experts involved with the child to discuss what support and arrangements can be made to meet each individual child's needs.

When concerns are raised that a child may have SEND, the SENDCo arranges a meeting with the class teacher and parents to discuss concerns. This may lead to a period of further monitoring or a support plan being implemented quickly. Children will be added to the SEND register if all parties agree there are ongoing needs.

Children on the SEND Support list are monitored by class teachers and discussed regularly with the SENDCo. The SENDCo talks to each of these children twice a year to discuss their learning strengths and things they find helpful. This is followed by a group meeting of parents, class teacher, SENDCo and anyone else who is involved in the child's education. The group meeting reviews and evaluates progress and support, plans upcoming support and decides whether further assessment is needed.

Class teachers are guided by the SENDCo to ensure individual children's needs are met within the classroom. They differentiate work including personalisation if needed. The SENDCo also advises on classroom layout and resources appropriate for supporting individual children. A team of TAs provide some in class support and some withdrawn interventions either in small groups or one-on-one.

Transition to a new class within school is planned for children with SEND on an individual basis. It begins as early as possible in the Summer term in preparation for September. Some children are given a booklet to look at over the Summer with information about their new class. Transition from Reception to Year 1 includes visits from the new teacher to the class in their current setting and a series of visits to the new classroom, both with and without their Reception teacher. Transition from Year 6 to High School is planned on an individual basis with the High School and Parents. Birchfields will provide accompanying adults and transport for some High School visits.

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