Birchfields Primary School

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Whole School Intent

Aiming High Together

Curriculum Intent

At Birchfields, equality, respect, resilience, honesty, good health and kindness are at the core of everything we do. We are an inclusive school, where all are given equality of opportunity regardless of gender, special needs, sexual orientation, religion, disability or race.

At Birchfields, we Aim High Together and set high standards for ourselves and others. Opportunities to develop our spoken and written English language run like a golden thread throughout our curriculum. Our pupils benefit from a rich, broad and balanced curriculum that is presented in an interesting, exciting and imaginative manner with lots of opportunities for first-hand experience, practical work, investigation and learning through play. This curriculum is enlivened and enriched by visits, visitors and extensive use of the environment.

We support our children in mastering the basic skills in English and Mathematics but we also ensure that Science, Humanities, the creative subjects and physical development are central to our work. We are relentless in our commitment to a diverse curriculum; so that our children can recognise themselves in their learning but also to ensure that difference is celebrated and respected by everyone - ‘No Matter What’.

At Birchfields, we treat our pupils as individuals and adapt our curriculum to their physical, mental, social, spiritual, moral and cultural needs. We want our children to be team players who are articulate, courageous, tenacious, inquisitive and creative. All children have opportunities to take responsibility, build their self-esteem and develop their self-confidence. Success is promoted and progress and achievement are celebrated regularly with our whole school community.

We are proud of our welcoming, busy, happy school, where children feel secure and behaviour is impeccable. We Aim High Together with our parents, governors and friends to give our pupils the very best start on their education for life journey. We hope that our Birchfields' children will become happy, confident adults who make a positive contribution to the lives of others.


A Knowledge Engaged Curriculum

At Birchfields, Language and Literacy development underpins everything that we do. We provide a broad and balanced curriculum through a combination of project based and discrete subject learning. All projects involve a range of cross-curricular activities including exciting educational experiences both inside and outside school. The school has developed its own curriculum combining National Curriculum content with content designed to build Cultural Capital, to achieve the school learning goals and support both school and British values. The curriculum is knowledge engaged with a clear sense of progression in both knowledge and skills. We engage in continuous professional development on the curriculum and continuously review and amend it. We also work closely with our Parents and Carers to inform them of curriculum developments.