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Birchfields is committed to the teaching of Music both as a discrete subject and as a cross-curricular activity. Every child is given the opportunity to participate in musical activities at their own level in the classroom and as an extra-curricular activity - individually, in groups, and as a school, regardless of race, gender, culture, class, or disability. The Music curriculum at Birchfields is designed to be a practical-based course. As they progress through school, pupils learn basic technique and skills on a variety of instruments. Alongside this, the children gain an understanding of theory and the rudiments of Music. We also explore different historical periods and musical styles.

The main aim is for the children to have a wide range of musical experiences, enjoy themselves while they do so and develop a life-long love of Music. Where possible, arrangements are made for experiences and activities suitable for children’s musical development, including opportunities for Gifted & Inspired pupils to extend their learning.



By engaging children in making and responding to Music, Music teaching offers opportunities
for them to:

  • Enjoy themselves, develop their self-esteem and feel motivated to make progress and achieve higher outcomes
  • Develop an enjoyment, understanding and appreciation of Music from across the musical canon, including different styles, genres, traditions, cultures and times
  • Actively learn subject specific skills such as playing on a range of instruments, reading notations, building solid technique and developing and progressing those skills along with composition and creativity, which allows for pupils to begin to express ideas, thoughts and emotions
  • Where possible, arrangements are made for experiences and activities suitable for children’s musical development, including opportunities for Gifted & Inspired pupils to extend their learning
  • Foster a sense of community and inclusion, particularly through collaborative work and singing songs that are specific to the Birchfields Values and the Birchfields community
  • Learn about specific times, events and cultural landmarks that are inextricably linked with or marked by music and opportunities are provided to enable all children to listen to music from other cultures, and to perform music in different cultural styles
  • Develop skills, attitudes, and attributes that can support learning in other subject areas and that are needed for life and work, e.g. listening skills, collaborative skills, the ability to concentrate, perseverance, self-confidence, and sensitivity towards others
  • Perceive and understand various points of view
  • Acquire the basic knowledge, skills, and understanding needed to make Music, for example, in community music-making and, where appropriate, to follow a music-related career and make use of Music effectively in their everyday lives